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Step into the universe of high-performance industrial accelerometers for vibration monitoring. Explore Hansford Sensors, a UK-based innovator, and trust STCD to deliver their cutting-edge sensors to you.

🏭 Precision Across Industries: With a wide array of applications across industries like metal, cement, paper & pulp, marine, mining & quarrying, wind, food & drink, pharmaceutical, rail, oil & gas, and power, Hansford Sensors’ accelerometers ensure machinery operates optimally.

🔍 Reliability in Sensor Excellence: Hansford Sensors’ accelerometers are synonymous with reliability. With customizable features, including high sensitivity, wide frequency range, and more, these sensors cater to diverse monitoring needs.

🌟 Quality Meets Expertise: The commitment to quality runs deep. Hansford Sensors’ precision sensors, available through STCD, offer a dependable solution backed by their engineering expertise.

🔗 Discover Sensor Excellence: Dive into the world of vibration sensing technology on our dedicated page. Uncover how Hansford Sensors’ products, delivered by STCD, elevate vibration monitoring, ensuring operational efficiency.