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Welcome to STCD’s world of tailored packing solutions. We proudly offer a curated selection of top-notch products to address your industry-specific needs.

📦 🌐 NEBCO: Unveiling Braided Excellence
Discover New England Braiding Company (NEBCO), a US-based pioneer in designing, developing, and manufacturing a diverse array of braided packings and sealing solutions. Their expertly-crafted products are tailor-made for pumps, valves, and rotating equipment, serving a multitude of industries, including chemical, food and beverage, power generation, oil and gas, mining, pulp and paper, and water treatment.

🌐 Precision and Reliability in Every Solution
NEBCO’s products are renowned for their superior quality, reliability, and performance. Engineered with features like reduced leakage, enhanced efficiency, prolonged equipment life, energy consumption reduction, cooler operation temperatures, and resistance to spinning and glazing, these solutions cater to an array of applications, materials, and industries.