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A New Era of Vibration Analysis

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I’ve been in the vibration industry for the last 10 years, I’m now 33 so this is pretty much all my work life experience. Since the beginning, vibration analyst always complained about the work load they received, but who can blame them?
Restructuration, personnel cuts, retirement, all decrease the work force in plants and new ways had to be discovered to maintain the same production output.

Particularly in vibration, tools were developed during the years to help the analyst at being more productive. Tools such as 4D Grid, defect factor, shock finder, enveloping, kurtosis, fast data collector, wireless sensors just to name a few. These tools all had 1 goal; shorten the analysis time and increase productivity.

Now in 2020, we entered a new era, the industry 4.0 era.
Using big data, artificial intelligence, internet of things sensors we will be able to create new set of tools to help even further the job of the vibration analysis. The job of vibration analysis might evolve as well, as per being the person who was doing all the data collection and looking at all the spectrum and graph to a guy sitting in an office confirming diagnosis made automatically by specifically design artificial intelligence algorithm like the Accurex.

We are lucky to be in a field of expertise that is always evolving, and now more than never I’m exited about the new tools that are coming.


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