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Maintaining Data Collectors

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Data Collector Maintenance


  • Unwanted shutdown of your collector while taking a measurement.
  • Collecting data all day only to realize that the data could not be used.
  • Having a problem with your data collector and not having the availability of a spare part.


  • Accelerometer or any transducer are in good condition and clean.
  • Magnet is well fixed to your sensor.
  • Connectors of the cable slack are protected and not damaged or have any visual sign of corrosion.
  • Cable or the armature are not cut or burnt.
  • No foreign matter in the connectors that could give you false readings or damaged your equipment.
  • Straps of the collector are in good condition and well fixed.


  • Analog input saturation
  • Overall levels abnormally high
  • Non-repeatability of your readings
  • Intermittent operation
  • Abnormal time waveform and/or spectrum signal

Should you have a doubt with the data collected, do a counter verification with a different transducer or cable, if possible. Some data collector allow you to perform a ‘’Bias voltage’’ readings of your accelerometer. The ‘’Bias voltage’’ could differ from the manufacturer, generally between 7 Vdc to 14 Vdc.

Bias Output Voltage                         10-14 VDC

*AC102, Connection Technology Center, Inc.

Yearly, verify the certificate of calibration of your instruments and your transducers is recommended by the manufacturer. Dropped sensors should be verified.


  • Sheltered from humidity.
  • No heat sources.
  • Dust free environment.
  • Cables should be safe of cut, burnt, twisted or crushed.


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