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Run Out Probe

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New FixturLaser RunOut Probe – safe and reliable measurements of Axial and Radial Runout

Fixturlaser expands the range of measurement functions with the Fixturlaser Runout probe for measuring axial and radial runout checks on flanges and shafts. 
 “Fixturlaser Runout Probe is of wireless design, and has a superior interface with quick mounting” says Peter Strömberg, Head of R&D.

Runout of machine shafts can be due to worn bearings/ bearing clearance, a bent shaft or a damaged surface. Runout on the coupling directly impacts on the machine parts and results in worn bearings and production stops. The Fixturlaser Runout Probe is an accessory for Fixturlaser NXA and the hardware in the probe is equipped with Bluetooth that connects with the Fixturlaser NXA.

Fixturlaser Runout Probe is multifaceted and can also perform:

  • Checking movements on machine feet (soft foot)
  • Lift check
  • Checking movements due to pipe strain
  • Thermal growth on machine casings
  • Eccentric or skewed mounting of coupling hubs

The probe is easily attached using a standard measuring stand with a magnetic base. Fixturlaser Run-out probe is a high-precision instrument which show readings down to 0,001 mm combined with a large measuring range of 5 mm.

About Fixturlaser
Since the very beginning in 1984, ACOEM AB) has helped industries throughout the world to achieve more profitable and sustainable production. We have reached where we are today by having the courage to think beyond the norm and follow slightly unconventional paths. We have had the courage to make mistakes and find new directions. Through our resolve, ambition and knowledge we have become a global player and a leader in innovative, user-friendly shaft alignment. 


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