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Condition Monitoring

Maximise The Reliability of Your Critical Rotating Assets

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Maximise The Reliability of Your Critical Rotating Assets

Predictive or condition-based maintenance is a proactive maintenance strategy that allows you to monitor the performance and condition of your machinery in real time. Doing so will enable you to enhance machine reliability and accurately predict when your equipment needs to be maintained —rather than waiting for it to fail. Using a combination of wired or wireless sensors, Internet of Things (IoT), augmented mechanics, machine learning and data analytics, Acoem’s predictive maintenance tools portfolio will help your business anticipate problems before they occur. Schedule maintenance activities at the right time, receive alerts for potential issues with a degree of certainty and enhance your overall industrial productivity.

Hybrid Condition Monitoring Tools & Systems

With our vibration analysis equipment, you can choose a monitoring solution that suits your specific application

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The RT-300 is an all in one laser shaft alignment and machinery diagnostics tool…

Why vibration monitoring matters

No matter the industrial application, vibration diagnostics are critical to safeguarding your machinery, like electric motors, fans, pumps, compressors, giant rollers and more, from potential safety incidents or breakdowns.

Accurate vibration data will alert your maintenance team to impending defects and assess the possibility of future damage before it becomes unrepairable, financially impacting your business. With the right predictive maintenance solution, you can avoid costly equipment repairs, avoid downtime or complete operational shutdowns and increase your machine’s longevity.

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Portable Vibration Monitoring

Total condition monitoring of your rotating machinery in the palm of your hand

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Vibration Analyzer

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Wireless Monitoring System

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Poweful and Intelligent Data Analyzer

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Bearing Defender

Bearing Health Checker

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Smart Machine Checker SMC

Instant Machinery Diagnostic and balancing

How Condition Monitoring Tools Impact Your Bottom Line

Benefits of streamlining operational efficiency with our vibration analysers


Approximately 50% of rotating asset failures are due to misalignment.


A 2013 study found that less than 10% of machines are aligned to acceptable tolerances.


Regular alignment of machinery can result in a 3-10% decrease of energy consumption.

Predictive Maintenance Systems

Harness the power of Acoem’s Accurex™ Artificial Intelligence (AI) and create a fully integrated predictive maintenance ecosystem.

Nest i4.0

Predictive Maintenance Software Platform

Condition Monitoring Resources