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Machine Defender

Machine health checker

Gain a better understanding of machine diagnostics and the health of your rotating assets quickly, easily and accurately using the latest version of the Machine Defender app in conjunction with a wireless sensor

Machine Defender

Results in 10 seconds

Remote expert diagnostics analysis is now easily within your reach using the updated Machine Defender app with NESTi4.0 connectivity.

The latest version of the Machine Defender – Acoem’s signature tablet-based instant machinery diagnostics tool – offers significant upgrades and technological advances that will improve monitoring efficiency and optimise your data collection strategy.

Accurex™ driven precision diagnostics

For compatible machines, automatic vibration diagnostics are delivered to your tablet in a matter of seconds via Acoem’s built-in proprietary Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform, Accurex™. It provides fast, relevant and reliable results for a wide range of potential machine faults, including:

  • unbalance
  • misalignment
  • pump cavitation
  • structural resonance
  • bearing issues
  • lubrication
  • gear wear
  • Shock/modulation resulting from looseness or electrical defects
  • Other ISO defects (soft footing, belt wear or a nearby disturbance).