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The solution that can effectively monitor vibration levels of slow and variable speed bearings on even the most complex industrial machinery

Unrivalled diagnostics for continuous real-time vibration monitoring of low-speed rotating assets

MVX, Acoem’s distinguished real-time vibration monitoring system, has now become an integral part of our comprehensive connectivity lineup, which includes the Falcon portable analyzer and the wireless Eagle. This integration seamlessly connects these devices with our Nest i4.0 software operating platform. Through this unified approach, users of the MV-x system can take full advantage of the Accurex™ Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered automatic diagnostics matrix featured in the platform. This matrix provides instant access to real-time data across your entire monitoring network. It actively detects, isolates, and precisely identifies machine faults, all conveniently accessible from a single screen. This consolidated view grants you complete supervision over your plant or factory. The benefits are manifold: increased monitoring dependability, time savings on analysis, heightened productivity, and a reduction in the risks associated with crucial operational incidents, equipment wear and tear, or unplanned machine shutdowns.

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AI-powered vibrational data for accurate insights

Condition based maintenance advocates continuous monitoring of machinery at periodic intervals, using various vibration indicators. Acoem goes even further, as MV-x and MV-120 offer the capacity to monitor indicators in real time, ensuring:
  • that no monitoring event will be missed (no gaps in data acquisition)
  • responsiveness at all times: the slightest anomaly is detected in real time
  • the ability to detect transient or spurious events
  • Pre-trigger functions enabling the raw signal from just prior to the event.

Monitoring for slow shafts

The predictive maintenance of low speed rotating machines is more complex to implement. The machine condition is indeed more difficult to assess, as it requires high resolution data and advanced vibration analysis tools. Coupled to Acoem NEST platform, the MV-x and MV-120 systems offer the perfect solution:

  • the synchronous record of several rotations of low speed shafts (<10RPM) can be performed on up 32 channels and such enhance bearing fault detection with the analysis of both low and high frequency content.
  • the shocks resulting from low speed components are hidden in rich vibration signals and are very difficult to detect. Thanks to Acoem Shock Finder™, a smart algorithm developed on real applications, their detection is automatic and provides an early indication of fault on such low speed asset.
  • all analysis tools required are available: statistical analysis, band kurtosis, smart filters… All post processing indicators can be trended and help predict the evolution of the asset condition