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ACOEM introduces alignment into the realm of Industry 4.0 maintenance with the advanced AT-200 alignment Tool.

M7 At-200 heads

Smart shaft alignment for smart maintenance

The AT-200’s seamless integration of connectivity, mobile devices, and apps empowers maintenance professionals to swiftly respond to machine failures and take corrective actions regardless of their location. Utilizing CCD technology, the smart sensors deliver superior measurement performance, ensuring precise alignment and optimal operational efficiency. This advanced tool streamlines maintenance processes, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity in Industry 4.0 environments. Its real-time data access and high accuracy measurements enable informed decision-making for enhanced maintenance practices and equipment reliability.

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The AT-200 is a smart, app-based alignment tool with the patented, adaptive user interface, GuideU, that lends the tool an industry-leading ease-of-use.


True live smart sensors

Thanks to the groundbreaking utilization of dual smart sensors equipped with visible laser beams and inclinometers, there are no uncertainties or guesswork involved. These sensors continuously monitor the positions of both shafts simultaneously.

Even if the laser beam is interrupted or the machine’s position shifts beyond the detector’s range, our smart sensors will seamlessly resume operations with the updated machine position, ensuring you always receive real-time values without any disruption.

AT-200 Pump Motor
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Smart alignment sensor features

  • Large 30 mm digital sensor detectors – capacity to handle long measurement distances and large angular misalignment errors
  • The 30 mm digital sensor detector combined with a line laser will eliminate rough alignment which results in short setup time
  • Thinnest smart sensors on the market
  • Built-in dual inclinometers to detect backlash and to obtain angular values during measurement in the horizontal alignment program
  • Integrated Bluetooth for wireless communication between the display unit and smart sensors
  • Digital signal processing – less sensitive to ambient light, improved side spot rejection and edge detection
  • Sunlight-resistant detectors
  • Instant battery check, in both on and off mode
  • IP65-certified sensor design that can withstand harsh environments
  • Premounted fixtures and small sensors provide for quick setup also on machines with limited space
M7-S7 and coupling picture

More smart AT-200 features

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This function allows you to select which feet are locked and which feet are adjustable. Feet Lock is available both in shimming and alignment.

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Target Values
Pre-set target values used in your alignment work when you have to compensate for the machine’s thermal expansion.

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PDF report
The PDF report function provides a fast on-site reporting available for converting saved measurement reports into PDF files.

What's in the Case?

AT-200 package with case

  • 2 pcs of digital alignment sensors
  • 2 pcs of V-brackets complete with chain
  • Extension fixture, 49 mm
  • Magnetic base
  • Rod kit
  • 2 pcs of chains, 8 mm, 60 links (L=970 mm)
  • Tape measure, 5 m
  • 2 pcs of angled universal tools
  • External power cable, EU, 2 m
  • External power cable, US, 2 m
  • 2 pcs of USB-cables, A-mini B, 2 m
  • Power supply 5 USB-ports 5 VDC
AT-200 included in case, no tablet




A one-of-a-kind 8-inch Android tablet computer designed to boost fieldwork productivity. Work more quickly, with greater attention, and with fewer interruptions. The Tablet is a tough device with a beautiful screen, a user-friendly design, and a variety of built-in tools.

Thin Magentic brackets

Magnetic thin bracket

For limited space, where V-brackets with chains cannot be used.