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Double down on misalignment with the AT-400, featuring robust dual axis sensors and unmatched versatility for virtually any shaft alignment scenario.

At-400 with DU

The newest shaft alignment system for optimal and solving all your alignment tasks.

The AT-400’s seamless integration of connectivity, mobile devices, and apps empowers maintenance professionals to swiftly respond to machine failures and take corrective actions regardless of their location. Utilizing the newest and most sophisticated dual PSD technology, the sensors deliver measurement performance, never seen before technology optimal operational efficiency. This most advanced tool streamlines maintenance processes, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity. Its real-time data in both axis, enhances maintenance practices and equipment reliability, for all your sophisticated applications..


GuideU™ is the next generation of 3D shaft alignment
graphical user interface – our patented, customizable, icondriven and color-coded display system that makes measuring,
aligning, and reporting simple. Featuring realistic machine
graphics and animated help screens, the risk of human error is
minimized to take the guesswork out of shaft alignment.

Dual XL PSD Detectors

  • The M9 & S9 positionsensitive detectors simultaneously measure horizontal and vertical
    measurements and offer a high resolution
    of 0.001mm. The M9 & S9 are currently the
    thinnest 2-axis sensor on the market, are
    lightweight (.67lb), and feature a 20-meter (65 ft) measurement range. Thoughtfully designed sliding covers for the
    detectors and charging ports ensure the product stays
    protected when stored or not in use
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Dual Measurement

Easily obtain readings with a single rotation of the shaft
with Dual Sweep. With Dual Multipoint, record measurements in a tight space and from multiple points from any
position on the rotation. Witness real-time visualization in
both horizontal and vertical directions simultaneously with
Dual View throughout the entire alignment

New Condition Monitoring and Allignment Solution: The AT-400

More AT-400 features

Dual Sweep Method
The Dual Sweep method automates the measurement
recording during a sweep of the shafts, providing
a convenient way to assess alignment on coupled
machines. By recording numerous points, a precise
result is ensured. The recording of data is stopped manually by the user.

Dual Sweep Express Method
This measurement method is similar to the classic
Dual Sweep method, however, data recording halts automatically when shaft rotation ceases.

Multipoint Method
This function enables measurement initiation from any position on the rotation, allowing recording of multiple points for optimized calculations. Ideal for turbine and sliding bearing applications

What's in the Case?

AT-400 package with case

  • 2 pcs of digital alignment sensors
  • 2 pcs of V-brackets complete with chain
  • Extension fixture, 49 mm
  • Magnetic base
  • Thin magnetic fixtures
  • Rod kit
  • 2 pcs of chains, 8 mm, 60 links (L=970 mm)
  • Tape measure, 5 m
  • 2 pcs of angled universal tools
  • External power cable, EU, 2 m
  • External power cable, US, 2 m
  • 2 pcs of USB-cables, A-mini B, 2 m
  • Power supply 5 USB-ports 5 VDC
  • Tablet (Optional)



A one-of-a-kind 8-inch Android tablet computer designed to boost fieldwork productivity. Work quickly, with greater attention, and with fewer interruptions. The Tablet is a tough device with a beautiful screen, a user-friendly design, and a variety of built-in tools. Complete with protective sleeve.

AT-010 is a smart app based displacement probe for
safe and reliable measurement all
pre-alignment checks. The multitude of
applications made possible with the AT-010, makes it a truly versatile maintenance tool.