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It is a shaft alignment revolution

An innovative transformation in both shaft alignment and user-friendliness is brought about by the NXA Pro, a digital laser-driven shaft alignment system. The NXA Pro’s primary objective is to offer users swift and uncomplicated operations, coupled with the availability of cutting-edge features and capacities like OmniView™ and VertiZontal Moves™. Furthermore, it likely boasts the most exceptional power management system available in the market.

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NXA PRO is the most user-friendly and cost-effective Laser Alignment system in the industry.

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Alignment Intelligence

The NXA Pro system represents over 30 years of laser-based shaft alignment innovation. Through Alignment Intelligence, maintenance professionals can do their jobs more efficiently and achieve better results.

Adaptive User Interface for Smart Sensors

You will be guided through the measurement and alignment process of your machines using the adaptive user interface of the NXA Pro.


The graphical user interface is shown off on a 6,5” transreflective display screen with icons and symbols to guide you, in other words, no text is involved.

The adaptive user interface will guide you throughout the measurement and alignment process.

We have fitted the NXA Pro with gyros and can, therefore, adapt the screen view from the same side that the user is positioned – our OmniView™ function, i.e. the system knows where it is in relation to the machine.

VertiZontal Moves™

The adaptive user interface will guide you throughout the measurement and alignment process. We are especially proud of the function – VertiZontal Moves™ – where you only have to measure once before making the required vertical and horizontal adjustments. Quite a time conserver in a time-strained maintenance world!

Acoem Icon NXA
Acoem Icon NXA
Acoem Icon NXA
Acoem Icon NXA
Acoem Icon NXA

Power management system

The NXA Pro has a power management system that will make your life so much easier! The display unit has a 10 hour continuous battery operating time, and should the need arise during an alignment job; the display unit can be express charged to an 80% capacity in one hour. The sensor units will last for 24 hours minimum thanks to the long-life batteries.

Battery Lid pic

Time-saving technology

The NXA Pro’s sensor units have graduated to the 2nd generation sensor. This sensor version improves the tolerance for detrimental external factors, such as vibrations and ambient light, and delivers the most accurate and precise measurement values compared to any other system. Measurement values are automatically registered throughout the entire measurement process. We have integrated line laser with the sensor and this combination virtually eliminates rough alignment, a huge time saver.

Very compact, only 33,5 mm in width, the sensor units will fit in the tightest spots. The sensor units contain long-life batteries, Bluetooth communication, and gyroscopes. The gyroscopes make it possible to measure according to the Tripoint Method in the vertical shaft alignment application, something that no other shaft alignment instrument is capable of!

Batterys M3 and S3 pic

Our interface uses a game-like 3D graphic look to give the user a clear understanding of any misalignment errors. Measurement reports generated by our icon-driven, language-free alignment systems are easy to understand by everyone, regardless of their native language.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

​The NXA Pro has a limited lifetime warranty. For more information, contact us!

What's in the Case?

NXA Pro - Package with Case

  • Display unit
  • 2 pcs of digital smart sensors
  • 2 pcs of complete V-brackets
  • 2 pcs of magnetic V-brackets
  • 2 pcs of chains 8 mm 60 links
  • Rod kit
  • Extension fixture, 49 mm
  • Magnetic base
  • Tape measure 5 m
  • 2 pcs of angled universal tools
  • USB stick
  • Charger for display unit and sensors
  • NXA manual – English version
NXA inside the case pic


mounting bracket pic

Extension Fixture, 49mm or 94mm

For mounting the measurement units in limited spaces.

thin chain pic

Thin Chain Fixture

For mounting the measurement units in limited spaces.

rod stabilizer pic

Rod Stabilizier

Used together with the extra-long rods

Chain links pic

Chain 8mm and 60 Links

Can be used as an extension chain. Delivered with hooks.

AT-010 Run Out Probe pic

AT-010 Run-out probe

A smart displacement probe for safe and reliable measurement of axial and radial runout.

Magnetic base pic

Magnetic Base

For faster mounting on large diameter shafts

non roating accessory pic

Fixture for Non-Rotating Shafts

For machines with no or limited shaft rotation.

Rods pic

Rod Kit 4 x 100mm

Can be used as extension rods.

Offset pieces pic

Offset fixtures and software

Complete set of fixtures and software for alignment of offset mounted machines/cardan coupled machines.

FixturLaser level pic


A measuring sensor used for leveling machines or machine parts during installation.

magnetic bracket

Magnetic Brackets

For limited space, where V-brackets with chains cannot be used.

Protective foil pic

Protective Foil for Display Screen

Protects your display screen which will last longer.

Rod Kit pic

Rod Kit

Extra-long rods in titanium, 2 x 250 mm & 2 x 500 mm

Ol2r without case pic

OL2R fixtures with software

For the measurement of dynamic movements from offline to running conditions