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Great Alignment Practices

Great pre-alignment practices It is often exciting to jump right into the alignment process, however, there are several good pre-alignment practices to perform in order to avoid possible causes of machine failure. Mechanical faults can reduce the lifespan of your equipment even if the axes of rotation of the shafts are perfectly aligned. In order …

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Lack of Space

Do not forget that when mounting your heads on the shaft, if there is a lack of space, the heads can also be mounted onto the coupling given that it is the fixed part of the coupling as it would still be representative of the axis of rotation. You can also ask your laser alignment …

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Dimension Measurements

Are you making more corrections than expected? This may be a consequence of incorrect dimensions input in your system. It is crucial to take the distances with the most precision possible; those distances will affect all the calculations thus the corrections. Don’t forget that the same principle apply when you are doing an alignment with …

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