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The FixturLaser Run Out Probe: an Important addition to precision alignment

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The run out Probe was introduce on the market by Fixturlaser 3 years ago.A multitude of verification can be performed with the ROP. It is also easy to save and manage data.

When it comes to precision alignment, many factors needs to be verified in order to keep your equipment performing at their optimal level. In the past, many of us assumed that being within tolerances was enough to assure long term reliabity on our equipment.

The RUN OUT PROBE was developed in order to be able to verify and measure equipment bases, components and pipe strain.
A client asked me the question; `Even after performing a precision alignment inside tolerances, we still have vibration outside of the tolerances, how can we explain that?

The answer is pretty simple, there is one or a few mechanical components that are not within tolerances. We took the ROP and measured the following conditions:

  • Soft foot
  • Shaft and coupling runout and eccentricity
  • Mechanical looseness of the bearing
  • Pipe strain

We found that the coupling was eccentric. The coupling was replaced and the precision alignment redone Vibration test where redone and the equipment was now in optimal running condition.

Many other test of components can be performed with the  RUN OUT PROBE. Here are a few exemple :

  • Gear excentricity and concentricity
  • The effect of a soft foot on the main shaft
  • Structural looseness
  • Soft foot on the stationary component
  • The effect of pipe strain on the main shaft
  • Thermal growth on a fix piece (frame, piping, base )

Many other factors can be measured with the ROP. You just need a little imagination!!!


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