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Remote Vibration Monitoring is a cutting-edge technology that revolutionizes the way we assess the health and performance of machinery and equipment. In today’s fast-paced industrial landscape, the ability to remotely monitor vibrations offers numerous advantages, from preventing costly breakdowns to optimizing maintenance schedules.

With our flexible remote monitoring services, obtaining actionable feedback for your equipment has never been easier. Whether you need daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly reports on specific equipment based on their criticality, our analysis team will tailor their approach to your IT needs and generate exception reports with the appropriate recommendations and diagnoses.


Data Collection

After we determine the most effective method of monitoring for each asset (handheld route-based, wireless sensors, and/or continuous monitoring), vibration data is collected.

Vibration Analysis

Once vibration data is collected, our remote team of certified level 2 and 3 vibration experts analyze the data and report findings.


The results of each machinery analysis are immediately available to view in the NEST Client software. We advise on the how, what, and when to fix each problem. A PDF copy of the report is periodically sent to the contact person.


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Our comprehensive vibration analysis and dynamic balancing service is a vital asset for industries operating in the field. With cutting-edge technology and highly skilled technicians, we offer a meticulous assessment of machinery vibrations, pinpointing potential issues before they escalate. Through precise dynamic balancing, we ensure that rotating equipment operates at optimal efficiency, reducing wear and tear while extending the lifespan of critical assets. Our on-site service minimizes downtime, enhancing productivity and safety. Trust us to deliver real-time insights and solutions, safeguarding your equipment and operations, all while maximizing your bottom line in the challenging field environment


Route-based vibration analysis, is a predictive maintenance technique used to assess and monitor the condition of rotating machinery and equipment. It involves periodic data collection at specific locations or "routes" within a facility, such as along a production line, throughout a manufacturing plant, or on a vessel. The primary purpose of route-based vibration data collection is to detect and diagnose vibration-related issues in machinery before they escalate into significant failures.

Dynamic Balancing

Dynamic balancing is crucial for your machines as it enhances performance and longevity. By eliminating vibration and imbalance, it reduces wear and tear, preventing costly breakdowns. This precision tuning ensures optimal efficiency, smoother operations, and ultimately saves you time and money while increasing equipment reliability.
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Root Cause Analysis

STCD, with its global network and proficiency spanning strength, fatigue, mechanical and systems engineering, as well as noise and vibration mechanics, is the ideal partner for in-depth troubleshooting and systematic root cause analysis (RCA). Whether it's structural integrity, issues with rotating machinery like electric motors, gas turbines, gearboxes, shafts, compressors, pumps, propellers, or any other component, we excel at pinpointing the root cause of the problem.
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STCD offers Motion Amplification services that cater to a wide range of industries and applications, encompassing vibration verification, commissioning, troubleshooting, research and development, and root cause analysis.

The Motion Amplification (MA) technology swiftly provides valuable insights by pinpointing the source of vibration motion. This is achieved by visualizing the entire motion of a system, asset, machine, or components using cameras equipped with 2.3 million sensors. With our non-contact software module, we can accurately capture frequency, time waveform, and amplitude data from any point within the MA video.

Our Motion Amplification service includes a comprehensive video analysis report for the specific asset of interest. To deliver this service, we utilize RDI Technologies IRIS M™ and IRIS MX™ cameras and collaborate with an authorized distributor and training provider.